Repos Server


Clean Subversion/Apache setup for Windows
+ styling and account admin for any platform


Repos Server installer was developed to quickly configure a robust http Subversion server on Windows. You'll have the repository up and running in ten minutes. Later when you want to customize the setup, there is annotated Apache configuration files.


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Repos Server 3.0

2010-01-12   Download

Repos Server 2.6.2


Repos Server 2.6.1


Repos Server 2.6.0


Repos Server 2.5.1

2009-03-13   Download

Repos Server 2.4.1

2008-09-05   Download

Repos Server 2.4.0


Repos Server 2.3.2


Repos Server 2.3.1


Repos Server 2.3


Repos Server 2.2


Repos Server 2.1.1

2008-01-09   2.1 with two bugfixes.

Repos Server 2.1

2007-12-21   Repos Server with the new Subversion 1.4.6 and a folder structure that better supports SVNParentPath.

Repos Server 2.0.1

2007-09-25   Upgraded to Apache 2.2.6 with OpenSSL 0.9.8e. This new Apache release contains a number of security fixes. Also removed the "extras" and "dev" folder from the PHP folder to save space. The installer size is now back below 10 MB.

Repos Server 2.0

2007-09-19   WASP – Windows, Apache, Subversion and PHP.

We now consider Apache 2.2 and PHP 5 mature and stable. Repos Server 2.0, available in the download section, is a complete upgrade of all components.

Repos Server 1.2.1

Maintenance release 2007-05-27, installer build

Repos Server 1.2

Released 2007-05-15, installer build

Repos Server 1.1

Released 2007-01-27, installer build

System Requirements


» Download latest version at

Sourceforge is the primary download location, containing all releases.

Web interface only

Download the platform independent Subversion http host contents at Sourceforge.


To upgrade an existing installation: first run the uninstaller, then run the downloaded installer.

Repositories and settings files will be kept at uninstall. During the new install you will be prompted to select if existing files should be overwritten (do so if you don't have customizations). First of all, obviously, make sure your repository backup is up to date.


Changing html root

If you edit static web contents in the html folder, you might want to place it somewhere outside the programs folder. It is quite simple: move the html folder to somewhere else; open Apache Configuration (httpd.conf); update DocumentRoot and the second Directory entry a few lines down with the new path. Also update DocumentRoot in apache/conf/httpd-ssl.conf

Adding MySQL

We could have bundled a relational database with the installer, but Apache has nothing to do with database connections. All you need is to enable the php extension and use the default port in the database installation.

  1. Download MySQL Windows Essentials from
  2. Run the installer with standard configuration (or tweak the settings as you like).
  3. In PHP.ini (see Repos Server in the Start menu), uncomment extension=php_mysql.dll
  4. Restart Apache and you're done. Optionally download phpMyAdmin and unpack to your HTML folder.

With separate installations you don't need to worry about database upgrades when there is a new Repos Server version.


The server is based on proven software: Apache HTTP Server and Subversion. Like these components, it is distributed under an open source license, the Apache License 2.0. This means that it is free to download and free to use, and that it comes without warranties. The source code is version controlled here.


Your feedback is appreciated. Please use the mailing list. An extra benefit of joining the mailing list is that you will get notified about new releases.